What's New in v2

DataGridXL version 2 (released February 2022) introduces many new features:

1. Freeze/unfreeze any amount of rows & columns

This is useful for many things, like editing CSV data: keeping the column headers visible at all times.

2. Hide/unhide any amount of rows & columns

It's now possible to hide any selection of columns and rows, and show them again, also by code.

3. Rapidly Search Cell Contents

Search and jump to any cell by typing in the top bar.

4. Focused Fullscreen Mode

Jump to fullscreen mode for focused no-distractions, editing with performance in-tact.

5. Touchscreen Input Compatible

The new bottom bar not only displays the entire contents of the active cell, but also works for a touch input, making DGXL2 a great choice for a grid that needs to work on touch screens just as well.

6. Multi-Range Cell Selection

Select a number of non-adjacent cells, rows or columns for even more intuitive editing.

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