DataGridXL Docs

Welcome to our docs! Our docs section includes how-tos and technical background articles.

Looking for a list of methods, events & options instead? Browse our API.

Your first grid

We recommend starting out with our Getting Started article. It's the quickest way to display your very first data grid & to get familiar with DataGridXL.

Not a Spreadsheet

Even though DataGridXL looks visually similar to Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets, it can only do a tiny subset of what these apps can do. That's because DataGridXL is not a spreadsheet component, it is not even a table component; it really is a data grid component.

Head over to our list of features (and limits) to know what DataGridXL can and cannot do.

Smooth Performance

DataGridXL excels (get it?) in its scroll performance. Where other well-known table, spreadsheet and grid components will freeze after scrolling/updating a certain amount of rows (and columns), DataGridXL remains smooth & responsive. You can read all about it in our (unfinished) How It's Made: performance article.

Keyboard & Touch Controls

DataGridXL copies keyboard controls from Google Spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel. Unlike other table/grid/spreadsheet components out there, DataGridXL comes with serious touchscreen support.

Other topics that you'll find include Copy & Paste, Undo & Redo and how to create a custom Context Menu.

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