Copy & Paste (clipboard)

DataGridXL comes with full clipboard support.

Copy & Cut

Copy & Cut actions are supported on any device, on any supported browser. Your users can copy and cut using shortcut key commands (Ctrl+C/CMD+C, Ctrl+X/CMD+X) and from DataGridXL's built-in context menus (in both desktop and touch menus).

You can also trigger these actions by code using grid.copy() or grid.cut(), as long as the grid has at least a single cell selected.

The selected cell values are sent to the clipboard in a TSV-string (Tab Seperated Values). This assures compatibility with spreadsheet applications like Excel and Google Spreadsheets.

Cut, instant or delayed?

By default, the cut action in DataGridXL will draw a dashed-border range, but it won't instantly clear the cell values. The "cut range" will only be emptied when the cut action is followed by a paste action (in the same grid). This is similar to how Google Sheets implements their cut action.

If you wish to clear values instantly, pass instantCut: true to your grid options. A useful option if you have multiple grids on a single web page. (Pasting your cut values into grid B will not clear the original cut range in grid A.)


The paste command used to be a little more complex. Nowadays, all browsers allow paste when it comes explicitely from the user (via CTRL+V or via the browser application's toolbar). The paste command will work as long as your page is served over https.

Paste on mobile devices

We haven't found a way to enable manual paste on iOS devices. That's why there is no option in the default set of ContextMenuTouchItems.

We did find a way to implement manual paste on Android devices, but we didn't want to create a different experience on iOS vs Android. For now we've decided to not support pasting on touch devices.

If we find a way to make paste work on iOS, we'll likely introduce the paste option in the Context Menu (touch).

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