Keyboard Controls

DataGridXL implements many of the keyboard controls as seen in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Here's a reference:

* On Apple devices, ctrl is replaced by command.

Basic Navigation

Navigate Up
, tab
Navigate Right
Navigate Down
, shift + tab
Navigate Left

Advanced Navigation

ctrl + homeNavigate to first cell of sheet
ctrl + endNavigate to last cell of sheet
ctrl + Navigate to first cell of current column
ctrl + Navigate to last cell of current column
ctrl +
, home
Navigate to first cell of current row
ctrl +
, end
Navigate to last cell of current row
ctrl + pgupMove cursor up one viewport
ctrl + pgdnMove cursor down one viewport

Navigation (Multi-cell selection)

shift + enterNavigate Up
enterNavigate Down

Navigation (Single-cell selection)

enterEnter Editor


escClose editor (without saving)


ctrl + xCut
ctrl + cCopy
ctrl + vPaste


ctrl + aSelect All
shift + Modify Selection Upwards
shift + Modify Selection Rightwards
shift + Modify Selection Downwards
shift + Modify Selection Leftwards


ctrl + zUndo
ctrl + y
, ctrl + shift + z
, backspace
Clear current cell selection

That's all folks!

If you feel like any key controls are missing, please let us know!

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