List of Limits

DataGridXL has many features, we hope you agree. However, there are some things that DataGridXL cannot (yet) do.

We like to be transparent in what our product cannot do. Please keep this list of limits in mind before you decide to purchase a license.

Three important limits to be aware of:

  1. No Resizable/Multiline Rows

    For performance reasons, DataGridXL does not support resizable/multiline rows. A tough decision we had to make, but we believe the product is better for it.

  2. No Images/HTML in cells

    Again, for performance reasons, HTML and images in cells are not supported at this time. (Emojis are supported. See homepage.)

  3. No Formulas

    DataGridXL does not support formulas like =A1+B2. We would love to include formulas one day, but we let it depend on popular demand.

Other features that we do not (yet) offer:

  • Merged Cells
  • Pivot Tables
  • Nested Rows/Column Headers
  • Tree Structures
  • Pagination

Unsure if DataGridXL offers a specific feature you require? Reach us at

Why not feature X, Y, Z?

DataGridXL was designed with performance in mind. We want to offer the fastest, easiest and most reliable data grid. That means we had to make tough decisions and leave out features like HTML rendering.

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