Translations & Locale

At this time, DataGridXL has very few texts to translate. The only texts found in the DataGridXL interface are the (default) Context Menu labels.

The default interface setting is international English.

To overwrite the default English texts, supply your translation object to the grid's locale setting.

The below language object translates all interface texts to Dutch.

var dgxl_nl_NL = {

  // Context Menu Item Presets

  "Copy" 										: "Kopiรซren",
  "Cut" 										: "Knippen",
  "Paste" 									: "Plakken",
  "Delete Row(s)" 					: "Rij(en) Verwijderen",
  "Insert Row(s) (up)" 			: "Rij(en) Toevoegen (boven)",
  "Insert Row(s) (down)" 		: "Rij(en) Toevoegen (onder)",
  "Delete Column(s)" 				: "Kolom(men) Verwijderen",
  "Insert Column(s) (left)" : "Kolom(men) Toevoegen (links)",
  "Insert Column(s) (right)": "Kolom(men) Toevoegen (rechts)",
  "Deselect" 								: "Deselecteren"


To load the translation in DataGridXL, pass the object to the locale setting:

var grid = new DataGridXL("grid", {
	data: [ ... ],
	locale: dgxl_nl_NL

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