Coming Q4 2021: DGXL2!

DataGridXL 2 adds dozens of new features! It will remain the most performant and reliable vanilla Javascript data grid with Excel-like controls.

New Features

  • Freeze Rows & Columns

    Just like in Excel and Google Sheets, DGXL2 is able to freeze/fix any number of columns and rows.

  • Hide Rows & Columns

    In DGXL2, rows and columns can be hidden and shown by the user, as seen in Google Sheets. Hiding rows and columns can also be done by code.

  • Readonly Columns

    Mark a selection of columns as readonly. In DGXL1, the entire table is either readonly or writable. In DGXL2, specify readonly on a per-column basis.

  • Search Cells (CTRL+F)

    Rapidly search cell contents. The Search Cell module finds and highlights cells that contain the user-given text. Fast and reliable.

  • And Many More...!

    These are the "big four", the most important new features of DGXL2, guaranteed to be included when v2 launches. After launch, many other useful features will be gradually added:

    • Cell Value Validation and Formatting
    • Cell Editor Pickers
    • Search Table by Applying Filters
    • Multi-Column Sorting
    • Improved Touch Controls

Coming Q4 2021: DGXL2!

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